Friday, 31 March 2017


Comparative Poetry - Essay Frame

Use the essay frame below to compare the poems

Compare how the poets in Flanders Fields and We Shall Keep the Faith express ideas of war

Both poems In Flanders Fields and We Shall Keep the Faith are both about war
The writers in both poems express the emotions and the memories about war
This makes the reader think about the life people lived at those times

Both poems use symbolism. In Flanders Fields the poet uses ‘poppies’  to represent people who fought in the war
Similarly in We Shall Keep the Faith the poet uses ‘fields’ to represent the battle ground
This makes the reader think war is dangerous and something to avoid because the word battle usually associates with blood and death

Both poems use imagery. In Flanders Field the poet uses ‘torch’ to create a picture of victory and life
In Flanders Field the poet uses ‘foe’ to create an image of enemies and conflict
This makes the reader think war is a competition between both sides because war is started and is only ended if there is a winner

Both poems use aural effects. In Flanders Field the poet uses ‘larks singing’ to create the onomatopoeic effect of suspense
Similarly in We Shall Keep the Faith the poet uses ‘Flanders Field’ to create the sound of poppies blowing
This creates the sense that war is fast paced Because wind normally blows fast and can carry debris

Overall, both poems are trying to express the idea that war is a conflict that can cause damage and harm to people those around them
In particular, In Flanders Field the poet is trying to say that war can cause harm (in the dead soldiers voices)
While in We Shall Keep the Faith the poet is saying that soldiers are heroes and will never be forgotten in history  

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
       In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
      In Flanders fields.

John McCrae

We shall keep the faith

Oh! You who sleep in Flanders' Fields
Sleep sweet - to rise anew;
We caught the torch you threw,
And holding high we kept
The faith with those who died.

We cherish, too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led.
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.
But lends a lustre to the red
On the flower that blooms above the dead
      In Flanders' fields.

And now the torch and Poppy red
Wear in honour of our dead.
Fear not that ye have died for naught:
We've learned the lesson that ye taught
      In Flanders' fields.

Moina Michael

Thursday, 26 January 2017

The British

What does it leave you thinking about?

It leaves me thinking about how the world is today and how people are treated un-equally.

Zephaniah uses the form of poetry to express the idea
That equality and cultures. This form is
best shown in the quote serve with justice

This is intresting because it makes me think
of how the world is now and how it'll be in the future

Zephaniah uses the lexical field of Nationalities 
This is shown with the words such as English and Japanese ect..

The words express the idea
That people shouldn't be divided by their cultures

Zephaniah uses imperatives such 
As mix
To express the idea 
That 'cooking terms'
This conveys a tone of cultures making the reader
Think of the differences and similarities we have

Zephaniah uses the quote 'add lots of Normans, French to some Angle saxons, Jutes and Vikings then stir vigorously' he uses a metaphor beacuase you can't physically stir them.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

What does the sea tell us about someone's personality?

I think the quote 'Small as a world and as large as alone' this is a metaphor and i think this means that the world is a big place and it's easy for a person to be forgotten and neglected.

In this small quote 'It's always ourselves we find in the sea' like the first extract also i think it's a metaphor aswell but it might symbolise a perso ns personality and emotions, and how their feelings might affect how they conduct and how they deal with certain situations.

'Milly befriended a stranded star' i think this might symbolise that Milly might be a 6-7 year old or maybe older who is trying to find her true meaning to herself.

The extract says 'Maggie discovered a shell that sang' i think this might symbolise Maggie trying to like get in touch of her more calm and relaxed side and this also might metaphorically mean that she is trying to forget about her problems

Couplet:'it's always ourselves we find in the sea' i think this is some sort of metaphor for something special you have in your life or it might be like also a metaphor for the answers to your problems, also this changed my understanding of the poem because at the start i thought it was just going to be about a boring cliche poem about children going to the seaside but as you keep reading you start to see words like 'alone' which you would rarely find in a happy poem about going to the seaside.

Friday, 6 January 2017


Those people were always there just out of sight 
lurking in the darkness till the time was right
The ones who you might have classified as friends 
Might be the ones who were clearly the threat

They are like a scar that can't be removed 
An itchy rash that bothers you 
Sleepless nights bothering what is going to happen
It plagues your sleep and bothers the people around you
Slowly your lies start to catch up...

You can feel that feeling of disappointment
Like the look in your mothers eyes
when you know have done something wrong
You can keep denying it but...
deep down inside its like a creature slowly devouring your lies
And turning them into something you call guilt

Those people were always there just out of sight
Waiting in the darkness till the time was right
You just didn't know you needed them...

Thursday, 15 December 2016


The world was a merciless, ruthless and unforgiving place after 'all of this happened'. Usually the streets would be packed with lingering people going about their engaged day... Now the horror of a post apocalyptic earth lurked plaguing the streets. Bloodstains engraved into the pavements like a mistake that cannot be undone. It all seemed so surreal the whole concept of the world ending it all caught us off guard... Nobody really knew what actually happened, but there were conspiracies about a bunch of scientists who stumbled upon a ground breaking scientific break through, little did they know that it would gradually cause a global epidemic. Me and my cousins were in the engaged streets of New York before all of 'that' happened just like any other person at that time. We were just grabbing a bite to eat until we heard a scream in the distance followed up with people running for their lives, just behind those people were a group of 'peculiar' looking people. Their faces looked like they hadn't slept in days and it was pale really pale. They charged straight at those who were running, they looked lifeless like all contact related to life had been sucked out of them.  Me and my cousins ran for our lives like any other sane person, but for some running wasn't enough and they suffered a horrible fate... Chaos and death roamed the streets, those creatures proceeded to drain the life out of their victims and making them one of their own. At first we all thought it was some sort of twisted prank but it was most definitely real too real in fact. Thankfully we escaped the madness and was now looking down upon it. The colour red dominated the grey streets and more screams followed...

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Peer edit

Idris's dystopian opening

It was a dark and gloomy culture where everything is under ground.Children crying and People suffering,the world was upside Down. A evil man women with one eye was thinking beyond his ability to make the people work for him. He forced people to work for him without them getting paid so they will be felt poor. No food. Just health which meant they could probably have a chance for living. Only way people could get food or money was if there steal. Everyone lived on street apart from people that have special needs thats needed the help.
The people didnt have he sense to say lets have a war with the evil president and to protest            against him to wins the that battle but no one thought except for this one teen age,14, named Hole. He stole a phone from the main office for the prident and made a facebook,instagram, and Snapchat to get people attention from outside the war. Everyone soon got fed up and went to war against the president so it was millions against 1 and the the population won and the country was a president free and the country was led by Hole everything was back to normal.

Until one day the old president broke out of prison and started to play hide and seek with the public.
The old president had knew that people will be after him and that there will be a bug award if he was found. But he kept walking around not to be seen by anyone because he doesnt want to go back to a place where he could die. That day he found a man saying "bring him back" and immediately he had thought that the man was on his side so he ran over to the man and asked if he could help me because he was suffingnfrom not having water and good food. The man had took the former president to a fast food shop and they ordered 3 wings and chip however, what the president didnt know was that the stranger was leading him to get the money and to become evil just like him.

The man left him a minute to use the toilet to call the news reports and tell them that he had found the old president and that he was in my custody.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Dystopian Opening


The world was a cold,ruthless and unforgiving place after all of 'this' happened.The streets were covered in blood and dead bodies,it would seem like it would be a scene from a horror movie but it was most certainly real!
All of this happened when a group of scientists 'thought' they ran into a breakthrough for a supposedly a cure for some sort of virus.Little did they know they where just making the situation far worse than it already was...In the space of a week the supposedly cure was injected to people for immunity to the so-called virus.When it was injected into those 'infected' there was some sort of mutation between the virus and the supposedly the cure a bad one.In the time span of 7 days the 'cure' made those infected into things similar to a zombie hungry for human flesh,by this time those injected would have flown out into different countries and states around the world!
The virus mutation went undetected until the first known case appeared in a small town in Texas.The supposedly infected was a business man,he experience nausea and internal bleeding in his eye which looked like he hadn't slept in days,sleep wasn't too popular among business people.The man collapsed on the ground in pain and fell dead to the floor...well thats what everyone thought he rose up and ran towards the nearest person and bit her arm off and devoured it.I was there and I witnessed the barbaric sight.Among the woman who was now on the floor dead was a crowed who ran fearing for their lives,but some not fast enough!At the time i was with my friends at the mall bewildered and shocked of what we just witnessed and including us ran for the nearest exit.By the time we got there we withnessed a crowed of desperate frightened people trying to exit all get out all at the same time.Luckily we got out just in time although others weren't as lucky...