Thursday, 15 December 2016


The world was a merciless, ruthless and unforgiving place after 'all of this happened'. Usually the streets would be packed with lingering people going about their engaged day... Now the horror of a post apocalyptic earth lurked plaguing the streets. Bloodstains engraved into the pavements like a mistake that cannot be undone. It all seemed so surreal the whole concept of the world ending it all caught us off guard... Nobody really knew what actually happened, but there were conspiracies about a bunch of scientists who stumbled upon a ground breaking scientific break through, little did they know that it would gradually cause a global epidemic. Me and my cousins were in the engaged streets of New York before all of 'that' happened just like any other person at that time. We were just grabbing a bite to eat until we heard a scream in the distance followed up with people running for their lives, just behind those people were a group of 'peculiar' looking people. Their faces looked like they hadn't slept in days and it was pale really pale. They charged straight at those who were running, they looked lifeless like all contact related to life had been sucked out of them.  Me and my cousins ran for our lives like any other sane person, but for some running wasn't enough and they suffered a horrible fate... Chaos and death roamed the streets, those creatures proceeded to drain the life out of their victims and making them one of their own. At first we all thought it was some sort of twisted prank but it was most definitely real too real in fact. Thankfully we escaped the madness and was now looking down upon it. The colour red dominated the grey streets and more screams followed...

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